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Health Topics

Pharmaceutical Compounding

Kress Specialty Apothecary offers retail pharmacy services and specializes in pharmaceutical compounding for people facing a wide variety of medical issues. Our services go well beyond care for diagnosed medical problems. Even if you have no current diagnosis or ailment, maintaining your health still takes work and you should have the necessary tools to do so. The following are only some of the health topics our pharmaceutical compounding can help you with.

Skin Care Products

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and is a complicated organ at that. It is also what we face the world with every day, both as our image and as protection for our inner organs. It is critical to take proper care of your skin as part of your overall health. Even if you do not have diagnosed skin disorder, you still need to pay attention to your skin and select products that are right for your particular skin type and color. At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we provide a wide variety of skin care products as well as the guidance you may need to design the best skin care regimen for you. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Natural and organic skin products – These products are made from all-natural ingredients to provide a gentle daily treatment for your skin.
  • Medical grade skin products – Our pharmacy grade dermatological products provide more intense treatment for issues including dry skin, acne, signs of aging, and more while still remaining gentle enough to prevent side effects such as redness or flaking skin.
  • Scar treatments – Having a scar can be difficult and traditional creams and remedies do not always work in reducing or eliminating the scar. We provide special scar treatment compounds that can show you the results you want.
Pharmaceutical Compounding

Anti-Aging Products

In addition to general skin care issues, you may naturally be concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and other signs of aging that show on your skin. These signs can often be accelerated by factors such as smoking, stress, sun exposure, among others. At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we have many products that can work to reduce damage and rejuvenate your skin so that it looks brighter, younger, and smoother on a daily basis. Only a few of the anti-aging products we can provide are:

  • Skin Firming Serum
  • Retinol Complex
  • Firming Eye Serum
  • Scar-Reduction Creams

We can also work with you to create unique compounds for the best results based on your skin type and any other relevant factors.

Skin Care Products

Pet Remedies

Pets are valuable members of our families and their health should be treated with the care and respect we devote to our own health. For this reason, the pharmacists at Kress Specialty Apothecary are committed to producing effective and safe remedies for dogs, cats, and all types of domestic and exotic pets. Some of the products we create and sell for your pet can include:

  • Medications for health issues including cardiac problems, stomach ailments, infections, anxiety or behavioral issues, diabetes, eye conditions, pain management, seizures, among others.
  • Vitamins and supplements to ensure your pet has strong bones and muscles, shiny coat, healthy skin, and more.
  • Natural and homeopathic remedies for a wide variety of ailments for your pet.
  • Remedies to treat pet allergies and related symptoms.
  • Guidance on home remedies for pets.
  • Compounds and other remedies for exotic pets.

Pets often have very specialized needs including special dosage and ingredients in the medications and supplements they take. What works for a human can often be potentially harmful to your pet, so we approach pet pharmaceuticals with the care needed to ensure your pet is properly and safely treated. We can even make sure the medication is in a form that is easy to administer to your pet so that you can be confident in the results.

Pet Remedies

Kress Specialty Apothecary can Assist with the Overall Health of You and Your Family

At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we believe that you should live your healthiest life possible. We also believe that you and your family—including your beloved pets—should have access to individualized treatments for whatever medical condition you may be facing. Even if you have no medical ailments, keeping up with your everyday health takes work and can require vitamins, supplements, an appropriate skin care regimen, and more. We are here to help you be your best self, inside and out, so please browse our website, visit our Barrington, New Jersey retail location, or call us for more information today at 856-323-8723.

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