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Compounding Pharmacy Services

Providing a Wide Range of Services to Promote your Overall Health and Well-Being

At Kress Specialty Apothecary, our compounding pharmacy services passionately believe that proper health and care is vital to your well-being and life in general. Unfortunately, life can bring unexpected illness, injuries, or other medical conditions that require extensive or specialized treatment. Our pharmacists are here to provide the highest quality of assistance to you in regard to your medical treatment, physician prescriptions, or any other pharmacological healthcare you may need or want to address. We regularly provide medication to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, including the following:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT)
  • Domestic and exotic pet medications

  • Dental medications
  • Autism medications
  • Anti-aging medications
  • Male and female sexual dysfunction
  • Sports medicine
  • Podiatry
  • Pain management
  • Pediatric

If you need any type of assistance, please call us or visit our retail location. Our New Jersey retail pharmacy allows you to consult with a pharmacist in person and browse our available products.

Compounding Pharmacy Services

Retail Pharmacy and Compounding Services

Kress Specialty Apothecary often fills prescriptions as written by your physician. However, we recognize simply filling a standard prescription is not always enough to provide the specific type of care that a patient truly needs. Everyone reacts to drugs differently and, in some situations, a specialized formula may be necessary to limit side effects and increase the effectiveness of the medication. Our pharmacists can design and create unique compounds that specifically address your needs.

Through careful alterations or combinations of ingredients, compounding turns a standard prescription into a personalized medication that has the exact strength and potency that is best for you. We can also alter drugs to provide gluten-free customized medication compounds. In addition, compounding allows us to provide medications in many different types of dosage forms so that you can take your medication as easily as possible. The following are some examples of dosage forms we can provide:

  • Transdermal Gels/Creams
  • Flavored oral suspensions
  • Suppositories
  • Chewables
  • Capsules
  • Sublingual drops
  • Troches/Lozenges

The above are only some of the benefits of pharmaceutical compounding, please feel free to contact us for more information about how visiting a compounding pharmacy can greatly benefit you and your treatment. We also provide free delivery of your drugs and compounds, including same-day courier service available in certain geographical areas. In addition, we offer follow-up services in order to check on the effectiveness of your treatment and to answer any questions that you may have.

Retail Pharmacy and Compounding Services

Pharmaceutical Services for Workers Compensation

If you sustain an injury while at work, your employer's workers' compensation insurance company should cover all of your related medical costs, including all prescribed pharmaceuticals. Too often, however, pharmaceutical services for workers’ compensation cases can become complicated with insurers challenging claims for prescriptions or trying to limit the medication you receive. Our pharmacists believe that physicians are the ones who should decide your course of treatment and that no injured worker should be denied access to important medication because of the workman's comp system. For this reasons, we work closely with injured workers, their attorneys, and their physicians to ensure they receive proper care.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for Drug Safety

As mentioned above, everyone reacts differently to medications based on the variation of their genetic makeup. For example, some people will metabolize a particular medication faster than others. This explains why some drugs may be ineffective for you or why you experience side effects when other patients do not. Fortunately, a simple genetic test can give us the information we need to determine the safety and efficacy of a particular medication for you. This eliminates the need for the costly and often dangerous trial and error approach to trying different medications. In addition, we can alter prescriptions based on your genetic information to best suit you. Our genetic testing is facilitated by Rxight, is non-invasive, and can benefit you for a lifetime, so please call for details.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for Drug Safety

Compounded Health Products

In addition to providing compounds for medical treatment, Kress Specialty Apothecary also provides a number of products and supplements to promote your overall health, even in the absence of a medical issue. Health requires ongoing care and maintenance and some products that we can offer include:

  • Nail solutions
  • Wound treatments
  • Treatments for scars (old and new) from C-sections, surgeries, sports injuries
  • Anti-aging products

  • Skin care products

  • Vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals

You can simply purchase our already packaged products or we can work with you to create a compounded health product with a formula that is exactly right for you and your health goals.

Contact Kress Specialty Apothecary Today

We provide a wide array of pharmacy services so that your experience is always personalized with your overall health in mind. If you are interested in learning more about any of our services, visit the retail pharmacy of Kress Specialty Apothecary or call us at 856-323-8723 today.

Compounded Health Products