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Areas of Expertise


At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we go above and beyond the services and products offered by your average retail pharmacy chain. We take a genuine interest in the well-being of our clients and provide services that demonstrate our commitment to providing superior pharmaceutical care to the members of our community. Some of our specialty services include the following:

  • Follow-up care
  • Free delivery

As a customer of Kress Specialty Apothecary, you will receive personalized attention that will improve your healthcare and the healthcare of your entire family.

Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical compounding is the process of creating individually-tailored medications to meet the specific needs of a particular patient. The following are some of the ways that compounding may be used to benefits patients:

  • Create a specific dose of a medication that is not commercially available;
  • Help patients take their medication by putting it into a form that is easier to ingest;
  • Remove certain unnecessary ingredients to which a patient may be allergic;
  • Otherwise make the medication easier to take or more effective.

Our experienced compounding pharmacists regularly create tailor-made drugs for both people and pets to help ensure that our patients get the treatment they need.


Retail Pharmacy

In addition to the specialized compounding services described above, Kress Specialty Apothecary also functions as a retail pharmacy that provides patients with all of the services that they have come to expect from a modern neighborhood pharmacy. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Filling of routine prescriptions
  • Providing over-the-counter medications
  • Refilling of prescriptions
  • Acceptance of most major insurance

In addition to the above, we also sell over-the-counter supplements, skin care, and cosmeceutical products that are designed to keep you looking and feeling young and healthy.

Workers’ Compensation Case Support

The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey provides important benefits for workers who are injured while on the job. One benefit is to cover all of the costs of any necessary medical treatment related to the injury. Unfortunately, workers’ comp insurance companies often challenge the need for certain types of treatment including certain pharmaceuticals. However, we believe that a physician—not an insurance company—knows best about what types of medication an injured worker needs. Therefore, we strive to provide injured workers with their needed medication even in the face of an insurance dispute. We work with workers’ compensation attorneys and insurers to handle any red tape or paperwork so that injured workers can instead focus on their recovery and returning to work. We also provide free delivery so that workers do not have to come into our retail pharmacy to utilize our services.

Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmacogenetic Testing

No two people react to medication in the same way. As a result, traditionally, medical treatment has involved a trial and error process of determining which medication and dosage will be most effective for a particular patient with a given medical condition. This often leads to extended recovery times and a waste of both time and money for both the healthcare provider and the patient. In addition, it can result in serious side effects or drug reactions that may require additional medical treatment. Fortunately, modern medicine has been able to cut down on the time that must be takenin order to determine the best course of treatment. Pharmacogenetic testing involves a non-invasive test (a cheek swab or saliva sample) to extract DNA, which is then tested in a lab. A report is then issued from which we can study your genetic variations and predetermine your reaction to certain drugs. This means that, based on the genetic test, we can help you avoid medications that may be unsafe or ineffective. In addition, we can use this information to tailor unique compounds for the best result based on your genetic makeup.

Our non-invasive test takes a matter of minutes and you will receive your results in about a week. After you have received your results, we will consult with you regarding your genetic profile and discuss how your results will affect your medical treatment. Our test covers 14 classes of drugs and provides results that will last for a lifetime.

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Kress Specialty Apothecary was foundedin order to provide members of our community with access to pharmacy services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient we serve. From compounding specific formulations of drugs or providing educational and monitoring support to individuals with complex medical problems, we can help you manage your healthcare needs efficiently and with a personalized touch. To learn more about our services, call Kress Specialty Apothecary today at 856-323-8723.

Retail Pharmacy