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Retail Pharmacy Services

A Retail Pharmacy Serving

Kress Specialty Apothecary has the ability to cater to the needs of people who have complicated medical conditions that require customized and highly personalized care. Additionally, we offer compounding services and pharmacogenetics testing that helps match treatment options to an individual patient’s specific needs.

In addition to our compounding services, Kress Specialty Apothecary also offers all of the retail pharmacy services that you have come to expect from any standard American pharmacy. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • filling services
  • A generic drug program
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Free shipping
  • Free delivery
  • Proprietary pharmaceutical products
  • A prescription refill program
Retail Pharmacy Services

What is a Retail Pharmacy?

At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we offer services above and beyond those offered by standard retail pharmacies in order to ensure that patients we see receive comprehensive medical care. Some of the specific services we offer include the following:

  • Pharmacogenetics Testing – No two people will react in the same way to a particular medication. Pharmacogenetics testing is a non-invasive way to determine how a person’s genetic profile may impact the way that his or her body responds to medication, doing away with the need for ineffective and expensive trial and error testing in order to determine the appropriate treatment for a particular patient.
  • Custom medications – Some patients may require medications at different potencies than those that are commercially available while others may need medications in different forms such as gels, creams, suppositories, or liquids. At Kress Specialty Apothecary, our compounding pharmacists can make custom medications that address these and other issues.
  • Compounding for Children – Many parents are all too aware of how difficult it can be to get children to take their medications. In order to help with this issue, we offer compounding services that add flavor to children’s medications in order to make them more palatable.
  • Dermatology – We offer various dermatological products, including anti-wrinkle creams, cosmeceuticals, treatments for dry, cracked skin, and scar treatment.
A Retail Pharmacy Serving

What Makes Kress Specialty Apothecary Different?

Many people who do not have specialized medical needs or complex medical conditions have never heard of a retail pharmacy that also provides compounding services. At Kress Specialty Apothecary, we are committed to providing a level of service that goes above and beyond what consumers can find at one of the big-box pharmacy chains. Some of our services include the following:

  • Follow up calls with patients in order to determine the effectiveness of their treatment and to answer any questions that may have arisen
  • Compounding services to create customized medications
  • Pharmacogenetics testing services
  • Free delivery services within the area
  • Specialized pet care
  • Proprietary pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical products that we develop in-house
  • Quick turn-around times – we can fill many prescriptions in a matter of minutes

Call or Visit Kress Specialty Apothecary to Explore our Services and Products

Kress Specialty Apothecary is a full-service pharmacy that can meet the needs of individuals with both complex and relatively simple medical needs. The best way to learn more about what we offer is to simply come and speak to our pharmacy professionals at your convenience. We will walk you through our various services and products and learn about your pharmaceutical needs to determine how we can help. Do not forget that we can help with your furry friends’ medical needs as well as those having to do with fish, birds, and exotic pets. Of course, we also offer services that help individuals manage rare or complicated medical conditions while ensuring that they get the treatment they need when they need it. Visit us at our Barrington, New Jersey location or call today at 856-323-8723.

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